303 Parasite

Parasite jumping into host
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The Parasite Fae is a Fae parasitic creature.

Character arc

A Parasite Fae zaps its victims with nymphoid hormones, turning them into self-obsessed brats too young for Fae powers and completely vulnerable to attack.

The parasite was used by The Morrigan as a secret weapon. The creature used a host to make its cocoon then jumped from one Fae victim to another, entering through the ear canal.

The infected emit a pungent pheromone that attracts Pigmen, a nasty breed of Under Fae, for the kill.

Lauren made an antidote from a mixture of baking powder, vinegar, turmeric, garlic, hairspray, lubricating oil and a swab of the host to cure Bo, Dyson, and Tamsin from the effects of the parasite's infection.




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