Paulo (221)

Paulo was a potential new hire for The Morrigan.

Character arc

The Morrigan came on to Paulo in an assertive sexual manner and while doing so was taken control of by Vex. It's unknown whether Paulo was in league with Vex or if Vex simply took advantage of the situation that Evony's sexual advancements created.

Paulo was Fae: he was applying for a job, not asking The Morrigan to represent him, and was aware of who she was. When he was filming her with his cellphone he said to her, "Wait 'til the Centauri see this."


His species was not revealed.



"Yeah, everyone said that The Morrigan's a total milf." – to The Morrigan


  • It can be presumed from his knowing who The Morrigan was, and applying for a job in her organization, that he was most probably Dark Fae.
  • What became of Paulo is not known, although if The Morrigan had any say in the matter he probably did not live very long after the incident.


For infobox: The role of Paulo is played by Jon Cor IMDb

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