Lady Polly - Poludnica (307)

Lady Polly, the Poludnica

Poludnica is an Under Fae Elemental spirit.

Character arc

Poludnica was more commonly referred to by local humans by the nickname they had given her: Lady Polly. She spread disaster wherever she went and targetted humans around mid-day, when she considered them to be most vulnerable. When she appeared the sky darkened as if a storm was approaching. She fights with a scythe.

Poludnica Fae (307)

She was summoned by Doug, an old friend of Bo, on the same night that Bo fled her hometown years before. She continued terrorizing Doug throughout the years in an attempt to draw back others who had left town; however, he refused to lure them for her and suffered her torment (or her "taunts" as he called it), always dodging her.

She was pushed by Bo into an abandoned well that was then resealed.


Pscipolnitsa is a mythical character common to much of Eastern Europe ("Południca" in Polish). She can be referred to in English as "Lady Midday". She makes herself evident in the middle of hot summer days, takes the form of whirling dust clouds and carries a scythe or shears. She will stop people in the field to ask them difficult questions or engage them in conversation. If anyone fails to answer a question or tries to change the subject, she will cut off their head or strike them with illness. She may appear as an old hag, a beautiful woman, or a 12-year-old girl. She is only seen on the hottest part of the day and is a personification of a sun-stroke.[1]



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