Qarinah (311)

Qarinah corpse

The Qarinah is a rare Egyptian Fae.

Character arc

The Qarinah has six fingers on each hand and the feeding signature of the species is similar to that of a succubus.

Qarinah hand (311)

Qarinah's six fingers

They are not known to wander outside of Egypt.

A Qarinah was found among the corpses unearthed from a Fae mass grave.

No other information was made available about the species.


In Arabian mythology, the qarînah is a spirit similar to the succubus, with origins possibly in ancient Egyptian religion or in the animistic beliefs of pre-Islamic Arabia. A qarînah "sleeps with the person and has relations during sleep as is known by the dreams." They are said to be invisible, but a person with "second sight" can see them, often in the form of a cat, dog, or other household pet.[1]