Massimo projects Raiju power (413)

Massimo uses power of Raiju

A Raiju is a female thunder beast.

Character arc

The Raiju creates a powerful sonic shock wave with its hands that incapacitates the target it is directed towards.

One of The Una Mens was a Raiju and when Bo killed them and Massimo swallowed the sixth Origin Seed, he assumed its power and used the wave to knock out Rainer and Trick.

The physical form of the Raiju species itself has not been seen and little else is known about it.


  • When Massimo asked Bo if she had ever heard of a Raiju he added, "I took this from her". Although the individual species of each Una Mens was never revealed, the one Una Mens that stood out from the rest was the interrogator, The Keeper. It could be deduced by association that The Keeper was the Raiju.
  • Raijū ("thunder animal" or "thunder beast") is a legendary creature from Japanese mythology. Its body is composed of lightning and may be in the shape of a cat, fox, weasel, or wolf. The form of a white and blue wolf (or even a wolf wrapped in lightning) is also common. It may also fly about as a ball of lightning (in fact, the creature may be an attempt to explain the phenomenon of lightning). Its cry sounds like thunder. Raiju is the companion of Raijin, the Shinto god of lightning. While the beast is generally calm and harmless, during thunderstorms it becomes agitated and leaps about in trees, fields, and even buildings (trees that have been struck by lightning are said to have been scratched by Raiju's claws).[1]



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