Recuerdo Coil (401)

The Recuerdo Coil is a small, round, flat, concentric rings device that causes memories to be extracted with a memory spell. The coil is implanted in the sclera, beneath the cornea.

A Recuerdo Coil was implanted in an eye of everyone who knew Bo: Dyson, Kenzi, Lauren, Trick, Hale, Aife, and Vex; causing all of them to forget her, altering remembrance and matters of importance in their lives that existed prior to the 30 days in which they wore the coil.

Only a very powerful Fae has the ability to cause amnesia in both humans and Fae, and implant a Recuerdo Coil on them. A memory spell of such magnitude can only be removed with a Recuerdo Compass.


  • It was not shown in the episode, but it can be deduced that when the memory spell was lifted the Recuerdo Coil disappeared from the eye.
  • Recuerdo is Spanish language for the word "memory" (noun) or verbal expression "I remember".[1]



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