Lachlan - Ash (second) (219)


Recurring Characters are not necessarily included in the plot of every episode in a particular season; however, they play an important reappearing role in it.

For example:  Lachlan

Aife-Saskia (110)


Some Recurring Characters appear in more than one season.

For example:  Aife

See:  Supporting Cast


recurring character  is a fictional character, usually in a prime time TV series, who often and frequently appears from time to time during the series' run. Recurring characters often play major roles in more than one episode, sometimes being the main focus.[1]

supporting character  is a character in a narrative that is not focused on by the primary storyline. Sometimes supporting characters may develop a complex back-story of their own, but this is usually in relation to the main character, rather than entirely independently. In television, supporting characters may appear in more than half of the episodes per season.[2]


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