Revenant (411) (1)


A Revenant is a dead Fae that is risen from the dead.

Character arc

Revenants are sent to settle old scores. To stop a revenant it must be decapitated. Drinking a revenant's blood is the only way to gain dominion over a revenant or find out who currently has it.

Acacia and Tamsin used to use revenants when bounty-hunting.

Revenant (411) (2)

The Revenant that was sent to kill Bo was sent by Laveau, the voodoo priestess who lived in a shanty town where people went when they didn't want to be found and where the "Cults of the Dead" hung out.

Laveau re-animated all the dead Fae and controlled them because she wanted the sixth Origin Seed that contained the combined powers of the dead Una Mens. Laveau herself was dead and the "head" revenant, and when Bo decapitated her and drank her blood, she gained command over the revenants and ordered them to be at peace, at which point they all fell dead again.


A revenant is a visible ghost or animated corpse that was believed to return from the grave to terrorize the living. Vivid stories of revenants arose in Western Europe during the High Middle Ages (especially in Great Britain, and later carried by Anglo-Norman invaders to Ireland). Though later legend and folklore depicts revenants as returning for a specific purpose (e.g., revenge against the deceased's killer), in most Medieval accounts they return to harass their surviving families and neighbours. Revenants share a number of characteristics with folkloric vampires.[1]



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