Reynard is a demented Dark Fae anarchist.

Reynard (209)
First appearance: Original Skin










Dark Fae



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Portrayed by:

Aj Jaywar

Character arc

Reynard was an insane convict that escaped from the bounty hunter, Woods.

He had been under the care of a psychiatrist, a Gorgon, who would inject her blood into her patients during their treatments and literally get under their skin, into their bodies, and feel their emotions. Reynard strangled the psychiatrist to death, but before killing her he took a syringe and drew some of her blood.

He escaped from Woods who tracked him to The Dal. Reynard hid in the cask room and injected the gorgon's blood into the beer keg before becoming catatonic after (as suspected) he drank some of the beer. The gorgon's blood made everyone who drank the spiked beer switch personas by body jumping into another's body.

He first possessed Bo's body, but after her spirit exited Hamistagan (limbo), he jumped into Lauren's body and used it to escape from The Dal, go to The Ash's compound, and try to kill Lachlan through her.

He was stopped by Dyson using the body of Kenzi, who he had jumped into after drinking some beer. After everyone was returned to their original bodies, Reynard was put in chains by Woods and taken to Dark Fae territory for his final judgment.





As described in the 9th century Zoroastrian text Dadestan-i Denig, hamēstagān is a neutral place or state for the departed souls of those whose good deeds and bad deeds were equal in life. Here these souls await Judgment Day. Meanwhile, those who did mostly good experience bliss and those who did mostly evil suffer torment. Hamistagan can be compared to Roman Catholic purgatory because it occupies a position between heaven and hell, but hamistagan is a place of waiting, not punishment and purification. As a neutral place, hamistagan is more like the Roman Catholic limbo.[1]



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