Squonk (308)

Hannah, a Squonk

A Squonk is a humanoid type of Fae species.

Character arc

A Squonk constantly cries. Squonk tears have the ability to make others happy, making their tears a precious commodity in the Fae drug trade. Although a squonk never stops crying, their crying can be lessened or exacerbated depending on their mood.

Since squonks are desired for the drug trade, they are often enslaved and apparently die young. However, if a squonk is moved involuntarily they will dissolve into tears, thus a squonk must be manipulated, and cannot be forced, into working for drug lords.

Hannah, a squonk, was held captive in Brazenwood.


The Squonk is a mythical creature reputed to live in the Hemlock forests of northern Pennsylvania. Legends of squonks probably originated in the late nineteenth century, at the height of Pennsylvania's importance in the timber industry. The legend holds that the creature's skin is ill-fitting, being covered with warts and other blemishes and that, because it is ashamed of its appearance, it hides from plain sight and spends much of its time weeping. The creature is capable of evading capture by dissolving completely into a pool of tears and bubbles when cornered.[1]



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