Kenzi w Staff of Righteousness (303)

Kenzi with the Staff of Righteousness

The Staff of Righteousness is a magical wooden bar and a formidable weapon of immense power.

The staff itself appears as a common walking stick until it is wielded in combat after which the staff extends into a larger quarter staff. While in use the weapon grants the bearer a significant increase in their natural strength, as well as empowering them with masterful close combat skills that the individual might not ordinarily have.

Staff of Righteousness (Book of Fae) (303)

Staff of Righteousness
Book of Fae

"The one who touches the Staff of Righteousness shall take up the noble cause and accept the sacred mantle of Ruler of Forest Nymphs and Wood Sprites, and fight for truth and justice throughout the land to the end of their natural days." – Trick recited from the Book of Fae.

303 Kenzi w Staff of Righteousness-1

Kenzi empowered by Staff of Righteousness
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The Staff of Righteousness, however, is not without its flaws; namely, once an individual picks up the staff that person is incapable of letting go of the artifact, as it adheres to the bearer's hand permanently. Though luckily, one need only turn down the protection mantle of the forest Nymphs and Sprites and declare the words  "I decline", after which the Staff of Righteousness is released automatically.


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