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Sturgis Santiago is head of Clan Zamora of the Light Fae.

Sturgis Santiago
Sturgis Santiago (Clan Zamora) (217)
First appearance: The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire


Sturgis Santiago








Light Fae
Clan Zamora


Head of Clan Zamora

Known Relatives:

Mrs. Santiago (Wife, deceased)
Hale Santiago (Son)
Val Santiago (Daughter)


Superhuman speed

Portrayed by:

Eugene Clark

Character arc

Sturgis Santiago is shown to be supernaturally quick. He is at least 2,000 years old. He spoke of a deal he and other Fae made with a Cherufe that the Fae reneged on. In response, the Cherufe destroyed Pompeii and Clan Scafati (Pompeii was destroyed in 79 AD).

He is extremely snobbish in regards to humans, speaking to Kenzi in a belittling manner which was veiled often in a minimal courtesy. He likewise appears to take inordinate pride in his clan and status, but showed little inclination to defend the Fae from the re-awakened Garuda.

He is the father of Hale and Val Santiago. Judging by his veiled disgust when he states that his "only son is a Siren," it appears that he considers his son having inherited his mother's species as an indignity.

His attitude towards Hale and the Fae appears to have softened by the time Hale is about to be officially named The Ash (Season 3), as he sent him the Twig of Zamora for protection.





  • His species is not stated in the episode; however, since his son is a Siren "after his mother", his daughter being a Pombero suggests that Sturgis is one as well.
  • In the episode closing credits, the role played by Eugene Clark is listed as "Fletcher". No one in the episode addressed him by that name.[1]



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