Sweet Valkyrie High
Season 5, Episode 11
LG-(511) Sweet Valkyrie High
Air date September 20, 2015
Written by Emily Andras
Directed by Bruce McDonald
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Like Father, Like Daughter
Judgement Fae

Sweet Valkyrie High is the eleventh episode of Season 5.



A dangerous mission forces Tamsin to confront her past mistakes. Lauren must deliver bad news to a friend.



Songs and Music

  • Fallen In  by Emilie Mover
  • Nothing To Lose (Instrumental Version)  by The BelleRegards
  • Ride With The Tide  by Emilie Mover
  • She Goes Riding  by Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party
  • So Shy  courtesy APM Music


The title is an homage to the Sweet Valley High young-adult novels by Francine Pascal and the 1990s television series based on them, "Sweet Valley High".

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