Bo enters The Temple (309)

Bo enters The Temple

Entering The Temple is the final step of The Dawning.

Before walking through the portal of The Temple, the Fae performs a ritual: places a flower in a bowl of water at the foot of the portal, and wears a mark on the forehead symbolizing The Temple.

The Fae can bring a volunteer as their "Hand." The Hand will have the key to exiting The Temple (this person, however, cannot leave and must stay inside forever).

The Temple is said to be vengeful against those that break its rules and claim all who try to take their Hand with them when they leave.

Bo and Lauren (as Dyson) in The Temple (309)

Lauren appears as "Dyson"

When Bo was inside The Temple, Lauren and Dyson switched personas within Bo's subsconscious mind.

Lauren appeared as a police officer in uniform, sitting across from Bo who was also a police officer wearing a uniform (and taking a medication). This was a hallucination as Lauren was not physically inside The Temple.

Dyson as Lauren (309)

Dyson appears as "Lauren"

Dyson was physically inside The Temple and appeared as a doctor in scrubs, married to Bo, and giving her medications to keep her from being aware of her Fae nature.

Bo exits Temple with Dyson (309)

Bo exits Temple with Dyson

The "Hand" that accompanies a Fae into The Temple cannot leave and must stay within it forever.

Bo broke the rules of The Temple by killing Dyson and taking his body with her when she exited.


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