Donna pretended to be a Treefolk.

Character arc

Donna claimed to be another Fae species to hide her true Selkie nature.

No actual Treefolk have been seen.


In a fairy community, all trees are magical and sacred to them, however not all are sentient. In fact only a few are found to be. These are treemen and/or treewomen. Treefolk, as they are called, can take on humanoid shape and move a short distance from their tree, or, in extreme cases, uproot the entire tree and use the roots as a shuffling form of locomotion. In their humanoid form, Treefolk are often described as resembling their tree - so that an apple treewoman might have green hair and brownish skin while an elder treeman might have eyes as purply black as berries. They can have trunk like legs, great branches for arms and have wood for skin.[1]



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