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Welcome to Team Lost Girl Wiki! The Lost Girl Wiki was established on September 14, 2010.

Lost Girl Wiki is not your typical television series wiki — it has a methodology that promotes continuity and consistency within the wiki. Please read the Policies and Procedures before editing or creating pages. All new editors are granted a "honeymoon period" but we are all expected to follow the system of the Lost Girl Wiki asap. Understand how to edit this wiki's pages by reviewing the style and format of existing articles ( for example: Succubus, The Morrígan, The Ash, Shapeshifter, The Norn, Lauren, Karen Beattie, Vexed, Anna Silk ). Read instructions for creating pages and adding image files in the New Pages / How To category.

Please remember that deductions and interpretations about a character or scene are opinions, not facts. Hypotheses belong in the \==Trivia==/ section.

If a page has been vandalized, let me know about the problem on my talk page and I will handle it immediately. The Policy for vandalism is strictly enforced. The policies of the Lost Girl Wiki are found herein.

For subjects mentioned in the wiki that need a page created for them, visit: page wanted.
For wiki pages that need additional or missing information, visit: article stubs.
To see what categories and pages exist in the wiki, visit: Content.

I hope you enjoy the Lost Girl Wiki and your experience with it. Feel free to leave a message on my talk page if you have any questions or need help with anything! Virago a-go-go, Admin

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