Dal Riata (404)

Bo in the Dal Riata

A Way Station is a neutral ground for Light Fae and Dark Fae, a place where Fae do not have to hide who they really are, and where members of both clans can find sanctuary from persecution.

Non-local, traveling Fae must declare themselves there and register their allegiance and reason for being in the territory.

Humans are not allowed in a way station unless they are owned by Fae.

The Dal Riata is the way station of the local territory, with Trick as proprietor and bartender of the tavern.


  • DYSON: "We're here on behalf of the owner of the local way station. I'm sure it was just an oversight, but you and your party failed to sign in when you came to town." – to The Lich (Death Didn't Become Him)
  • TRICK: "As proprietor of this way station I have the right to declare sanctuary." – to Tamsin (The Kenzi Scale)


The owner of a Way Station appears to enjoy many of the same privileges as that of the head of a monastery, abbey, or convent, as they have the power to grant asylum.



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