Weaver (Eunice) (302)

The Weaver is a percipient Light Fae.

Character arc

The Weaver is a mystic that specializes in finding out what is haunting a person. She looks into the subconscious mind by weaving the subject's hair into her yarn on a spinning wheel and seeing visions appear in the fabric as she spins the wheel and the yarn is drawn into the weave.

302 Demon Bo in Weaver vision

Vision in fabric
(Click to animate)

When the vision of Bo's dream appeared in the Weaver's fabric, she saw a demonic Bo with fresh blood on her mouth (after consuming raw flesh). The Weaver then abruptly ended the session with Bo.

Eunice was a Weaver.


  • The theme of weaving in mythology is ancient, and its lost mythic lore probably accompanied the early spread of this art. In traditional societies today, westward of Central Asia and the Iranian plateau, weaving is a mystery within woman's sphere. Where men have become the primary weavers in this part of the world, it is possible that they have usurped the archaic role: among the gods, only goddesses are weavers. Herodotus noted, however, the cultural difference between gender identities and weaving among Hellenes and Egyptians: among Egyptians it was the men who wove. Weaving begins with spinning. Until the spinning wheel was invented in the 14th century, all spinning was done with distaff and spindle. In English the "distaff side" indicates relatives through one's mother, and thereby denotes a woman's role in the household economy. Peoples with goddesses associated with weaving include: pre-Dynastic Egypt, Greek, Roman, Germanic, Celt, Baltic, Finnish, Inca, Tang Dynasty China.[1]
  • The making of textiles was one of the most important occupations for women in ancient Greece. A woman would manufacture the clothing worn by every member of her family, as well as other household textiles. Fine weaving skills were testimony to a woman's industriousness and value. A good weaver was considered an attractive woman, as well as a good wife. Homer describes Penelope, the devoted wife of Odysseus, busy at her loom day after day.[2]



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