A Wendigo is a type of Fae species.

Character arc

A Wendigo was suspected of killing the brother of Dr. Isaac Taft while on a camping trip when they were young. Taft found a Wendigo later on and although he was not sure it was the one that had attacked them, he tortured the Wendigo and made it suffer.

Lauren commented that a Wendigo can be very territorial when provoked (Those Who Wander).

A Wendigo was among the corpses at a mass Fae grave site and Tamsin said it had fed on a Mermaid (Adventures in Fae-bysitting).

Not much is known about the Wendigo and it was not seen in an episode.


  • The Wendigo is a demonic half-beast creature appearing in the legends of the Algonquian peoples along the Atlantic Coast and Great Lakes Region of both the United States and Canada. The creature or spirit could either possess characteristics of a human or a monster that had physically transformed from a person. It is particularly associated with cannibalism. The Algonquian believed those who indulged in eating human flesh were at particular risk; the legend appears to have reinforced the taboo of the practice of cannibalism. It is often described in Algonquian mythology as a balance of nature.[1]