Zambian Cricket (308)

Zambian Cricket

The Zambian Cricket is a good luck charm.

Character arc

The Zambian Cricket brings the Cricket's Good Fortune to those who capture it.

To find the cricket and obtain the favorable outcome that comes with it, the person needs to be able to distinguish the original cricket sound from the echo of its sound while blindfolded.

After several failed attempts to snatch the Zambian Cricket, the person can no longer secure its good fortune.


  • Bo nicknamed it "Crickety McCrickerson" while trying to find it.
  • In Zambia, the Gryllotalpa africanus cricket is held to bring good fortune to anyone who sees it.[1]
  • "Good luck charm" is a charm that is believed to bring good luck. An example of this is a blessing that a minister or a priest gives at the end of a ceremony. Almost any object can be used as a charm.[2]



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